Students enrolled for the 2019-21 batch joined DCSMAT (DC School of Management and Technology) Vagamon on 19th May 2019. As the admission day dawned,  there were parents and students who arrived much ahead of the scheduled time. The reception committee were on their toes welcoming the students and helping them familiarize with the places of this sprawling campus. Once the admission process was completed, they were all too eager to reach their hostel rooms and meet their roommates and other batch-mates. As the day progressed, it was time for them to have lunch and assemble in the auditorium. Much after the office timings, the arrival of parents and students continued and it was indeed a long day for the entire college.

But it was an endearing sight to see even extended families and friends accompanying the first time hostellers, parents giving health tips and other advice to their wards who seemed quite displeased with it and many other sights quite common on an admission day in a residential campus.