VIP Kids Membership

Current Books started VIP Kids Club for attracting children to the world of books and to introduce them to the advantages of reading. To become part of this membership programme, an amount of Rs. 500/- needs to be remitted every year at any of Current Books or DC Books branches/ Kairali Book Trust, Thrissur/ Head Office/. Every purchase will have 15-30% reduction and after five years, you will get books worth Rs. 1500/-.

Lucky draws will be conducted every year for the members which will give the chance to win exciting prizes worth Rs.1000/-.

  • 1st Prize: Rs.500/- worth children’s books
  • 2nd Prize: Rs.300/- worth children’s books
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 200/- worth children’s books

You will also receive ‘Vayanakootam’ Bulletin free with this membership.

Terms and Conditions

  • The amount maybe paid by Money Order or DD. Cheques (Rs.500/- + Addl. Charge Rs.25/-) are also accepted. Membership Card will be given only after the cheque has been processed.
  • After the amount has been paid, you will receive a Deposit Receipt signed by Current Books Managing Partner/Executive Director and VIP Kids Pass Book, the duplicates of which will not be issued if lost. Only the branches and the head office hold the authority to receive money or give receipts.
  • The age limit for joining is 17 years
  • The validity of the membership is five years and the deposit will be refunded only after this period. On producing the membership card and receipt after the validity period you can avail Rs.750/- worth Malayalam books or Rs.550/- worth English. If you do not wish to buy books, then the deposit money will be refunded.
  • The Rs.150/-worth books given as gifts can be claimed only from any one of the branches. The name of the branch should be clearly indicated in the application form.
  • Children will get 20% reduction on all Malayalam books bought from DC/ Current Books branches. On making purchases above Rs.500/-, a discount of 25% and on making purchases above Rs.1000/-, 30% discount can be availed. For English books, the discount will be 10% irrespective of the purchase amount.
  • By special programmes for children such as Pusthakasanchi/ Sammanapetti, there will be an additional discount of 5%. This discount is also applicable for pre-publication prices announced by Current Books/ DC Books. However this discount cannot be availed in case of special pre-publication offers, early-bird offers etc.
  • The VIP Kids Pass Book can be used any number of times and at any of the branches of Current Books/DC Books. Always use the Pass Book to buy books.
  • If a child has more than one membership, all the numbers will be included in the lucky draws held every year.
  • All money orders and correspondence should have the membership number clearly indicated.
  • If any legal dispute related to VIP Kids Club arises the adjudication territory will be Kottayam.
  • The terms and conditions for the membership are subject to change